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Stacy Lewis
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My purpose here is to remind you that you are meant to create your own life.  I will share with you resources and tools that will help transition you into the life you intentionally define, create and live.


  • I work with clients who want to define and achieve success on their own terms.
  • I listen to you.
  • Through direct and thought provoking questions you will identify what is true for you.
  • We talk about the ideal end-state including your desired goals, feelings, environments, and outcomes.
  • I share my expertise, intuition and impressions.
  • Partnership, encouragement, accountability, listening, and a different perspective are provided to you.
  • Advice and tools for you to realize and achieve your goals are shared.
  • I am passionate about being a partner and a catalyst for people who want to achieve their dreams. As my client, you will accomplish more than you would working independently.

Beyond My Credentials

Previously I worked as a business consultant for organizations working to create a business environment where cooperation, community and compassion become key motivators for success. I enjoy designing, leading and facilitating retreats where people come together to create a common mission.

I love being with my family. I have two sons, one eighteen and the other fourteen. My husband and I enjoy experiencing life with our boys. We particularly love to be outside. I enjoy my horses, swimming, reading, meditating, yoga, exercising and connecting with family, friends and colleagues.

Regarding personal transition -  I resisted change.  I struggled with it even when it proved to be positive in the end.   I realized life is constantly changing rather I am ready for it or not.  So I decided embrace the change and develop it into an opportunity to grow.  The results have been amazing and I love my life!

I would love to hear about how you have embraced a transition in your life.  Say Hi to me on twitter.

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  • Antioch University - Master of Arts, Whole System Design/Organizational System's Renewal
  • The Institute for the Study of Systems Renewal - Diploma of Systems Renewal Consultation
  • The Evergreen State College - Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Degree/Human Development
  • Coachville - Certified Coach Training

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