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Overcome Your Fear of Failure and Notice The Difference

by Stacy Lewis on 03/29/12


Imagine how successful your life would be if you were not afraid to fail! We lose so many opportunities when we're afraid.  The risk of failing often outweighs the risk of success. Imagine how much success, joy and fun you could have in your life if you were not afraid to fail.      


Many of us have already thought about how our fear of failure blocks our success, but changing still scares us.     How do we get so afraid of failure that we won't try anything new?  It takes time and training to learn how to be afraid of failing. We either learn the fear from someone in our family or our teachers, we are taught that failing is terrible, rather than just the need for adjustment, or we have a negative experience and vow never to take a risk again.    


I invite you to imagine a life without fear.    


  •  If you were not afraid to fail what would you do with your life? 
  • If you were not afraid to fail, what risks would you take?  

Imagine a life with momentum and looking forward to new ideas and new chances to succeed.  Imagine a life where trying something new is exciting and optimistic, rather than dangerous and scary.      


The problem is if we are afraid to fail, then we will not try anything new, we would rather play it safe and stay where we are in the moment.  Even though we may lose incredible opportunities to expand and move forward by playing it safe, at least we do not risk failing.     


If you can overcome your fear of failure, you will be present in your daily life more, enjoy trying new ideas, and engage in new activities that can yield great results in your personal and professional life.       


We waste so much time trying to protect ourselves. When we are afraid of failing, we are avoiding conflicts, procrastinating, or making excuses as to why we cannot do something.  It is not that we feel as if we are missing valuable opportunities, it is that we do not see them as valuable to begin with, we only see them as chances to fail instead of expand.  


My invitation is for you to set aside your fear of failure and enjoy a life of excitement, opportunities and adventures!     

The choice is yours! Go For It and enjoy the successes that start to flow into your life!    

Have you let go of a fear lately?  I would love to hear about it!

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