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Stop Trying So Hard and See What Happens

by Stacy Lewis on 03/23/12

Do not over think your problems.  Sometimes the smartest choice it to just stop thinking about them, put them on hold for awhile and see what happens.

The more I stop forcing things to happen the more they sort themselves out.  The more I let things happen, the less time I spend trying to make them happen and I feel much better.

I know what I want the end product to look like and I hold that in my mind.  Sometimes it is just easier to let go of the plan when it become more of a problem than a journey.  By doing this a new prospective sometimes appears enabling us to tweak the original plan so it is not longer a problem.    


Letting go of problems can be about honoring your feelings.  It can be about giving up on trying to force yourself into the shoulds of our societal molds.    


Here is an invitation to  

  • Give up on the life you think you should live if it is not bringing you joy, make a change
  • Give up trying to be perfect 
  • Give up trying to meet the expectations of others
  • Give up some of your own expectations, make sure the ones you hold yourself accountable to bring you joy  
  • Give up being in relationships with people you do not like
  • Give up trying to stay super-organized if you have been trying to become that for over a year, sometimes good things are born out of chaos  
  • Give up on perfectionism
  • Give up control  

Trying to make things happen all the time can be very stressful. Try to accept life as it is.  If action needs to be taken, of course take it, but see what comes of it and re-direct some of your shoulds to wants.   


So many problems only exist within our own minds.  They are not real physical problems but simply self imposed obstacles.  If is very helpful to take a step back from our problems and dilemmas.  Try giving up having to solve every problem that comes your way and see what happens.    

 What problem have you given up on that has worked itself out?          


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