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What does success mean to you?

by Stacy Lewis on 04/12/12


When you define success on your own terms you are determining benchmarks and accomplishments that make sense to you and are easy to recognize. 
People who define success on their own terms:
  • know within seconds whether an opportunity is right for them
  • are focused on internal benchmarks for their success, not external measures
  • are not blogged down by to many shoulds
  • know what matters to them and what is important and how to get it. 
Until you take the time to define success for yourself it will most likely be defined by others, your past, your culture, advertising and your family and friends. 

When you have set your own definition, you are not swayed by your external environment. You know your standards and simply knowing them brings you more focus and direction. 

Define your Successful StatementsWork with those statements until they resonate deep within you. As you begin develop your definition of success you will notice positive changes in your life.

You will have a benchmark in working towards your transition and reassurance that the transition you are working towards resonates around your values.
How Will You Know When You Are Successful?

Try completing the following statement.
I know I am successful when_______________________________________.

Need help? Here are my successful statements.  
  • I know I am successful when I wake up everyday looking forward to the days events.
  • I know I am successful when I live with joy, ease and grace.
  • I know I am successful when I make life decisions that are not based around money.
  • I know I am successful when I inspire and motivate others.

I would love to hear yours.  Post them in the comment section.

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