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Are you ready for change? Is there something about your current situation you do not like, that does not serve your needs anymore?

by Stacy Lewis on 03/08/12


Are you ready for change? Is there something about your current situation you do not like, that does not serve your needs anymore? Do you feel like there could be just a little more to life? Life really can be about choices. We have been conditioned, or told ourselves, what we need to do to succeed. What needs to be done and how to do it. Are you happy doing what you have done? What satisfaction are you getting? 

If you are not getting satisfaction from your current daily life start thinking about changing, moving forward, and transitioning into something else? Just start thinking about it. You do not have to do anything right this moment, but knowing you have options can be quite appealing and liberating.  Maybe you even find what you are doing now is working for you and bringing you enough satisfaction that you choose to continue. 

The key here is choosing. Look at your current life. Be informed and make choices. 


Here are some questions to consider:   
  • If you had all the money you needed where and how would you live? If you had the answers to your problems, how long would it take to solve them?
  • Do you have a personal or professional vision?   If so what is it? 
  • What is probably not possible for you to achieve in this lifetime that you wish you could do, or have?  
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate the quality of your life today? 
  •  Using that same scale, how high will that number likely rise if you keep doing what you are doing?  
  • What goal or part of your life have you been putting off because the time is not right? 

 A Call to Action for You: If you are willing to share any of your answers to these questions I would love to hear them.   


We will discuss the questions that had the most responses in next week's blog.  If you would rather discuss the question with me in person email me at  or call me at 206-948-4026.

Six Steps to Staying Focused on Your Transition

by Stacy Lewis on 02/29/12

Just like anyone else, I struggle with staying focused on my transitions and can get stuck in overwhelm on a daily basis. There are so many things I could do, that I should do, or that might be worth doing.

From being a Life Coach for the last twelve years I have seen how productive people stay focused and how those who are not so productive get stuck.  What follows are the best practices I have incorporated into my daily habits over the years.  I hope you find them useful.

1. First, organize your day
How you set up your day in the morning can determine how the rest of your day will go. Take five minutes to write your to do list for the day and another five minutes to make sure your work space is organized.  Resist the temptation sit right down and get sucked into checking email or facebook in the morning, instead plan.
If you are working on developing your focus I would start with this simple practice of organizing you day daily and master it before moving on.

2. Just do it
The hardest part is often just starting.  I often put things off because I do not have the right equipment, I do not have enough time, it is not quite enough, or I need to make it perfect.  I have found if I can settle for at least 70% perfection I am more likely to get moving on a project.

If you can just get moving and do not demand perfection right away, momentum is on your side.

3. Systems, systems, systems
The two main tools I like to use are Outlook and Act Sage Pro (managing my contacts). I have them synched together.  Whenever a task comes up I need to make sure gets done, I simply enter it into my calendar and schedule it.

If you do not have a system in place for getting things done, you are likely losing a lot of productive time to repetitiveness and inefficiency.

4. Hold yourself accountable
Without accountability, fear, uncertainty and procrastination can get in the way. Find ways to hold yourself accountable.
Why are you doing what you’re doing?
What is pulling you forward?

I hold myself accountable with my daily to do list, and with my business coach. Both help me stay focused and more importantly, follow through on what I intend to do.

5. Know why you are doing it
If you do not actually care about what you are doing, it is very unlikely you will get it done.
Make sure what you are doing is in alignment with the transition you want to make and relates to your long term vision.

6. Acknowledge your progress
At the end of the day, right before you go to sleep, list what you accomplished during the day. Think about what you started, worked on, or finished and how that is moving you closer to your transition. 

Step-by-step you are moving forward.


What helps you get things done? Leave a comment and share with me.


2nd Stage of Transition - Develop Your Opportunties

by Stacy Lewis on 02/25/12

Develop Your Opportunities

Go into this next transition with your eyes open. Gather information. Knowledge is power.

Knowledge allows you to:
  • make better decisions
  • develop opportunities
  • take effective action and
  • be confident about your decisions.
The one thing in life that is certain is change; it's just a matter of when and how.
Each breath we take draws in a new source of air.
Every encounter changes us forever.
You are not the same person as you were a minute ago.
Dreams come true when we turn instinct into hoping to believing to knowing and then to being. - Christine Page
Suggested Actions
  • Know and understand what choices you have, write them down.
  • How will the actions you are going to take effect you 2,5,10,20 years from now?
  • Describe what you want to transition to. What is it you really want? Eliminate any 'shoulds' at this point.
  • Review and prepare to discuss this transition with someone else.
Questions to Consider
  1. What will make you successful?
  2. How will you know when you are living a fulfilled life?
  3. What have you been procrastinating about lately?
  4. What do you consider to be your strengths?
  5. What would you like to be doing right now that you are not doing?
  6. If you were guaranteed success, what would you do?
  7. What talents do you have that are generally not appreciated?
If money were no object and you knew you could not fail what would you do? Knowing that answer may not be your final destination, but what next steps should you be taking right now? 

Motion creates Action.
Opportunities arise that are building blocks to the larger goals. It is a good idea to begin the process and see where it might lead you.
The Power of Intention Leads to Action
Intention = Focus/Attention + Power     
Intention (Force+Focus) + Perception = Action
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