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Explore Your Options for Creating Your Transition

by Stacy Lewis on 02/25/12

There gets to be a time in your life when you know deep inside that it's time to leave the old you behind, and step into the next big version of yourself.

It comes down to this: Your willingness to make that transition is 90% of your success.  In my transition training program, I'll personally teach you everything you need to transition into a better place rather it be personal or professional.

In this first email I will talk about the 1st stage of transition – Exploring Your Options.

Surveying your life options helps you to better understand the overall environment in which you want be entering.



Explore Your Options

1. Examine your current situation
2. Determine your desire to change
3. What is your objective
4. Research different options through some of the suggested actions.

A question to explore - Define your Transition.  What is it you really want to do?



Suggested Actions

  • Write a brief analysis of where you would like to transition too.
  • Include key trends and likely opportunities. 
  • What is it that makes you want to make this transition?
  • Look for resources rather they be articles, books or scan the internet so you can gather as much information about where you are headed.  Knowledge is power.

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