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Stacy Lewis
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Who you are

You have just finished an educational process. Now you need to take some action to move forward with your life and share your skills with the world. 

You probably went into school because that was the next step. You thought you would graduate knowing what you wanted to do and exactly how to start doing it, right?   

What your issues tend to be

If you’re like most graduates, you are wondering what is the next step, you’re feeling overwhelmed, you have some exciting ideas but don’t know how to implement them and you would thrive in a support structure of like minded individuals.

You are not sure how to move forward.  You have spent time and resources to get to the next step in your life and now would like some ideas, support and guidance.  

You struggle with time management and goal setting. You want to know how to move forward with intention and confidence but are looking for a support structure to help you. 

Creating Supporting Enviroments
Success Story

"When I started in Stacy's Transition Program it really helped to look at my life as a whole. There are many coaches that start with "what is it you want to do?" Stacy's process actually helps you to first get to that answer and then take action to achieve it. I would recommend Stacy's coaching to anyone who is in a rut in their job, who is looking for something more, who needs some direction in their life. Stacy is an outstanding coach." ~ Lynn, Business Development

More Success Stories

Time Frames and Fees

We will be meeting bi-weekly starting Wednesday June 6th for the next six months.  The fee is $35 per week we meet.  It is critical to make a commitment to this group and attend every bi-weekly meeting and participate in all of the activities for the success of the entire group. 

Here is a Mastermind Group Created Specifically For You.

What is a Mastermind?

Napoleon Hill, the author of the classic book on success, Think and Grow Rich, described it as a coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. This form of cooperative alliance has been the basis of nearly every great success.

Imagine having the support of other like-minded people, working together to reach a common goal: to move forward to the next step in their life with intention, direction and meaning.

You’ll even have your own accountability partner who will be a crucial part of setting, working toward, and achieving your goals. They’ll make sure you’re doing what you said you’d do, and achieving what you set out to accomplish–no excuses.

Why a Mastermind Group is for you.

You must constantly ask yourself these questions: Who am I around? What am I reading? What am I saying? Where am I going? What am I thinking? And most important, what am I becoming? Then ask yourself the big question: Is that okay? Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

When you work closely with someone in a structured way, they hold you to a higher level of accountability. You get access to step-by-step guidance. You receive expert training and coaching. You benefit from unconditional support. And, you’re held accountable.

There is no better time for you than now.

Invest in your success

I want this Mastermind program to far exceed your investment.

I am devoted and ready to help a select group of graduates make that transition from student to working and living in daily life with intention and success.  My mission is to help you move forward quicker with fewer challenges and road blocks and more confidence and ease.

Are you ready?

If you are, take the first step and apply for your spot in WHAT IS NEXT Mastermind Group now.

Questions? Feel free to Email me.

What you need most right now is a support structure.

Proven Strategies and Step-By-Step Action Plans You Need to Create the Life You Deserve … Personally, Professionally and Spiritually
If you repeatedly set the same resolutions and goals only to find yourself falling short year after year, your environments are not supporting your quest for greater success. There are 7 environments of “you” … and they are either inspiring you and making it easier to achieve success ... or they’re draining you and hindering your success.

Learn and implement powerful strategies and practical action steps for improving your environments.

  • how to diagnose whether your environments are supporting or hindering your success,
  • common challenges that occur in the different environments … and how to address them,
  • how to identify which environments to improve first, and
  • tips for achieving and maintaining balance, and much more.

  • how to make internal and external changes that are needed to create the life of your dreams,
  • proven techniques for changing your thinking … by eliminating the negative beliefs that hamper your results and replacing them with beliefs that support your goals,
  • step-by-step strategies for increasing your level of success,
  • clear and powerful action steps you can take each week to build positive habits, and
  • how to move from thinking into action.

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"I found the questions to be pertinent and useful and your answers to be very helpful in clarifying areas that needed to be addressed and monitored in my own life. I also enjoyed the practical nature of your responses along with the easy to use application of the techniques."

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- Reynaldo "Masterful..."

"This was my first time to tune in, and it was one of the most beneficial things I've ever heard. You did a masterful job of answering the questions, it was upbeat and informative. I loved it."

- June M