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“I know where I want to transition to and just need some help.”

Who you are

You’re a successful person who knows what is next for you.  You have a dream, a goal something you have wanted to do for a while now. You need some guidance, motivation and support in getting there.

Fast Track Transition Program

Time Frames and Fees

Fast Track Program - This option is for high achievers who want to take immediate and consistent action in the transformational process. With this option, we schedule two 30 to 45 minute calls per week with unlimited email connection.  In between calls you have specific assignments personally designed to move you forward in your transition.  $300/month or $750 for three months.
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What your issues tend to be

Even though you know what you want to move towards you are still unsure how to do it and even if it is a good idea.  You struggle with challenging your security in the present. You want to know that your transition will be successful.

What you need most right now

There are important mind sets and shifts that need to occur to make this growth happen. First, you must understand the gaps between where your now and where you want to be. Regular guidance, support and mentoring throughout this process is key.

Success Story

"When I started in Stacy's Transition Program it really helped to look at my life as a whole. There are many coaches that start with "what is it you want to do?" Stacy's process actually helps you to first get to that answer and then take action to achieve it. I would recommend Stacy's coaching to anyone who is in a rut in their job, who is looking for something more, who needs some direction in their life. Stacy is an outstanding coach." ~ Lynn, Business Development

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