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Stacy Lewis
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Who you are

You have explored your options and developed a plan.  You are driven and motivated to move forward.  You know what you should be doing, sometimes you just need reminded of the “Why” of what you are doing and someone to brainstorm with and share ideas.
What your issues tend to be

Sometime the daily grind of life does not give you enough time to work on your transition.  You could use some help with time management and new ideas.  You want to move forward but are finding it difficult to move away from what you already know.

What you need most right now

A support structure, guidance and someone to strategize with.

The Transition Program you’ll need most…

  • Just-in-Time Coaching
  • Mastermind Group (Coming Soon)

Just-In-Time Coaching




What would you like your life to look like in a year?  Would would you like to see happening?

Success Story

"Stacy is excellent at sorting through the chafe and finding the grain of your truth. She is very good at helping you grow that(these) grain(S) by specific and directed tasks the enable you to progress to your next level.”  - Matt, Career Development

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Time Frames and Fees

Just-In-Time Coaching -  Here is the help you need when you need it.  One to two coaching calls a month.  This program is for those who work best outside of routine and want to move forward at their own pace. Or for those who have made the transition and want to continue to develop routines and habits that continue to pull you forward in life.  We make our calls when you want them. (We can schedule more calls per month when and if needed and we’ll rate that time accordingly.)   $65 per call.
Contact Information
“ I have explored and developed my transition options and need some continued support along my journey.”