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Stacy is a wonderful and creative life coach who helped me define and set goals that were realistic and achievable. She's personable and fun to work with and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new job or considering a career change. - Deb, Career Development

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I am so thankful that Stacy and I connected. Stacy has helped me venture forward while finding enjoyment in the present. I am more in touch with my personal values and interests. I am able to look at my life through fresh eyes and like what I see. I discovered I don't need to work to have esteem but it is an essential part of me. And if I am to work then it should be a great job.   Stacy is knowledgeable, insightful, compassionate, resourceful and engaging. And she listens really well!  Stacy asks for more; works the sides of boxes, expanding and poking daylight into them; believes in dreams and desires; and enables hope and enjoyment for life.  ~ Doris, Career Transition
When I started in Stacy's Personal Freedom Program and started working through the workbook, it really helped to look at my life as a whole. There are many coaches that start with "what is it you want to do?" Stacy's process actually helps you to first get to that answer and then take action to achieve it. I would recommend Stacy's coaching to anyone who is in a rut in their job, who is looking for something more, who needs some direction in their life. Stacy is an outstanding coach. ~ Lynn, Business Development
Thanks so much for your support and guidance. Your gentle probing and tough questions opened up my mind and made me examine some tough places. You are very skilled at active listening and shifting through it all to get to the truth. You really made a big difference in this incredibly exciting juncture of my life. I feel well prepared to tackle it all with mindfulness and in a way that honors my authenticity. I will continue to work on the concepts that you introduced to me and to keep all of your sound advice in mind as I make future decisions.  ~ Jenny, Career Transition
I'm having more fun than I can ever remember having. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be where I am now if it hadn't been for my sessions with Stacy. She really got me primed for moving forward and taking risk!  ~ Denise, Personal Development

I was caught between returning to my previous career and trying something new. Stacy helped me look at my transferable skills, narrow my fields of interest and focus on what I really enjoy doing . I am feeling confident that I can return to my former career with a new perspective and renewed enthusiasm or do something new using my many skills. I am so much more aware of my talents and skills and how they can be combined in new ways.  ~  Doug, Business Development

Stacy listens and gives good feed back on issues and at the same time she involves you in the conversation to make you think and come up with ideas and solutions to the issue. She has you recap the conversation and set some goals for the week. This was very helpful to me. I also worked with the horses and that was a great lesson in communication. Stacy is a great coach. - Judy, Career Development
Stacy is excellent at sorting through the chafe and finding the grain of your truth. She is very good at helping you grow that(these) grain(S) by specific and directed tasks the enable you to progress to your next level.”  - Matt, Career Development